Pixel Hangers
Converting prospects into customers

Prospects and customers act in their moment of interest
  • Digital Signage is the new attention grabber 
  • Free Mobile App
  • Money saving Groupon alternative
  • eCoupons, ePunch cards, events, surveys, and more
  • Reach more Prospects and Customers 
  • Streamlined Mobile Customer Experience 
  • Free Marketing Data Collection
  • Free Media Campaign Templates
QR Advantage
  • Create custom campaigns that fit your call to action
  • Deploy campaign codes on ANY visual media channel
  • viewers use FREE mobile app to engage with your call to action
  • self Issue and redeem your own ecoupons
  • Build an event guest list
  • Issue epunch cards
  • Collect valuable marketing data

Digital Signage
  • Capture four times the views as print signage
  • Schedule content playback
  • display HD images, video, animations, and more.
  • Highlight your products, services, promotions, and brand.
  • Use QR Advantage codes to make your signage interactive.